Why a Made-to-Order Suit is Worth the Wait

Written by Briggs Clothiers


Posted on May 19 2022

First impressions are everything, and lasting impressions are even more important. Whether you’re about to be in a wedding, go on your first date, or have your first job interview, consider Briggs Clothiers your source for tailored suits, custom-made suits, and ready-to-wear suits. Regardless of your style, budget, and time frame, we at Briggs Clothiers have you covered with our made-to-order suits.

A made-to-order suit is exactly what it sounds like — our local tailors manufacture each suit only after you order them! Unlike our off-the-rack suits, our made-to-order suits give you the option to select your preferences in fit, style, and quality.

You may still be asking yourself if one of our made-to-order suits is actually worth your time and money. Again, rest assured because we have you covered! Consider the following benefits of ordering a made-to-order suit.

The Perfect Fit

Wearing a suit that doesn’t fit is like watching television on mute — you can see what’s going on, but the message doesn’t fully come across. Getting fitted for a suit can be stressful, especially if you’ve never done it before, but wearing a suit that doesn’t fit can be tragic and detract from your special occasion. Not all suits fit onto all bodies, and not all bodies fit into all suits.

Our goal at Briggs Clothiers is to fit our made-to-order suits perfectly onto your body such that your body fits perfectly in our made-to-order suits. With our made-to-order suits, we give you the option to tailor and customize your suit to best fit your body size, type, and shape.

An off-the-rack suit can work for some occasions, but nothing beats the custom-tailored look of a bespoke suit. Our made-to-order suits allow our tailors to customize your suit measurements to fit your body specifically. Also, instead of tailoring your suit to fit your body after it’s already in the store, our made-to-order suits allow you to decide on your suit’s measurements before it is even made!

In addition, when you get one of our made-to-order suits, you get the opportunity to work with one of our experienced tailors to best match the fit and pattern of your suit with the flow and shape of your body based solely on your specific choices and preferences! From shoulder to sleeve length to pant length, our tailors take every measurement to design a suit that fits you like a glove.

Show Off Your Unique Style

You are unique, and your style is no different. However, to suggest that a suit is already designed to highlight your uniqueness and stylistic expression would be absurd. This is why, when you order one of our made-to-order suits, you get to choose your preferences from a number of different styling options.

From the color and pattern of your pocket square to the snugness of your collar and the style of your cufflinks, you get to decide how to display your unique style with each piece of your made-to-order suit.

With our off-the-rack suits, you may get to choose between a few different colors and pattern styles, but ultimately your options are limited. However, with our made-to-order suits, you get literally what you choose! From fabric to pattern to shape, every part of the suit is an opportunity to express yourself.

With a countless number of style combination options, our made-to-order suits give you the capacity to showcase your style!

Unbeatable Quality

In addition to making the decisions on your fit and style preferences with your made-to-order suit, you also get to choose what type, quality, and combination of materials our tailors use when manufacturing your made-to-order suit. This gives you the opportunity to build and design your suit using the finest and highest-quality materials available.

Your made-to-order suit will not only fit you better than an off-the-rack suit, but it will also last you longer than an off-the-rack suit. Better materials and methods lead to increased durability, so you can be sure your suit will last for years to come. As a result, you can expect to save time, trouble, and money that you would otherwise spend when shopping for a new off-the-rack suit again in the future.

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