3 Things to Know: What Should Groom Wear

Written by Briggs Clothiers


Posted on April 20 2022

Everyone thinks of the wedding day as the bride’s day, but it’s also a big day for the groom! You want to look dashing standing next to your new bride. Here’s how to find a perfect-looking, well-fitting suit for your wedding.

If you don’t have the budget to buy the kind of suit you want to wear at your wedding, or you have no need to keep the case after the wedding, then renting a suit or tux is a good option.

Business suit rentals come in several styles, fabrics, and the most popular colors – black, dark gray, light gray, and navy. Tuxedos are available in many different styles and colors. We have everything you need in-store, including slim and modern fits.

Suiting Options

If you’ve decided to buy your suit or tuxedo, you have four options:  off the rack, made to order, measure, and bespoke.

Off the Rack Suits

If you generally fit well in standard sizes, start your search with our off-the-rack suits. These are ready-made and already in inventory. If no alteration is needed, off the rack suits can be taken home on the day of purchase.

Made to Order Suits

Made-to-order may be just what you need when you have a bigger budget. Manufactured after your order, the suit will meet the specific style, color, and fabric preferences you have chosen from among available options.

Made-to-Measure Suits

Also made after placing the order, made-to-measure suits will meet the preferences you chose from available options. Unlike made-to-order, though, made-to-measure suits are made to fit your specific measurements.

Bespoke Suits

Bespoke suits are top of the line and by far the most expensive. There is no limit to the design or amount of customization you can achieve with a bespoke suit. Even the suit pattern is created specifically for you based on an extensive set of measurements taken by a master tailor.

Suit Types and Styles

Shopping for a style is much easier once you know your budget and the options you can afford. This is where the wedding’s size, location, and level of formality come into play.

Formal or Evening Weddings

  • Worsted, wool, and wool blend fabrics
  • Darker colors

Less Formal and Daytime Weddings

  • Wool blend, cotton, linen, and seersucker fabrics
  • Lighter colors

Informal and Warm-Weather Weddings

  • Cotton, linen, and seersucker fabrics
  • Lighter colors

Cold-Weather Weddings

  • Worsted, wool, and wool blend fabrics
  • Silk velvet, flannel, and tweed fabrics

If you intend to wear your suit after the wedding, you’ll want to choose the longest-wearing fabric that fits within your budget. Avoid linen due to its comparatively high maintenance. Choose a black suit or one in some shade of gray or blue, as all of these colors are considered timeless for a man’s suit. Avoid loud colors and striking patterns; choose a textured fabric rather than a print if you want a design.

The Well-Fitted Suit

Regardless of your height or body type, a well-fitted suit should bring out the best of your shape and physique.

Suit Jacket

The jacket should gently snuggle your shoulders, and a slight indent on the sides should create a contour that accentuates your shoulders. The coat should extend below your rear end and zipper.

There shouldn’t be any gap between your jacket collar and shirt collar. Finally, the jacket sleeves should hit between a quarter-inch and half-inch shorter than your shirt sleeve.

Dress Shirt

If you can feel a gap between your neck and the shirt collar that’s more than one finger wide, the shirt is too large. The sleeve should extend just to your wrist.

Suit Pants

Suit pants also have a one-finger rule. Pants should rest comfortably at your waist. The space between the waistband and your body should not exceed one finger width. The legs should reach a point just above the top of your shoes, with no bunching.

When You Want to Look Great, Look to Briggs

Whether you’re renting or buying, you and your groomsmen will be on time and look fantastic when you trust Briggs Clothiers for your wedding suit needs. Our rental options range from $199-$239, and purchase options start at $295, including alterations. We also carry a wide selection of dress shirts, ties, pocket squares, shoes, and other accessories to complete your look.

Call Briggs Clothiers today at (931) 647-6444 to schedule a fitting appointment.