Washing Techniques on How To Wash A Hoodie

Written by Briggs Clothiers


Posted on September 14 2022

Whether you wear it often or just for occasional outings, a hoodie is a key wardrobe piece. So how do you keep it looking its best? By following these simple washing techniques, you can avoid ruining your hoodie and extend its life.

Washing Hoodie

A great hoodie helps to keep you warm and comfortable wear after wear. After many wears clothes need to be washed and cleansed to uphold the quality of the materials as well as to make them look presentable. Washing a hoodie can be tricky because they often fade over time or lose their shape in the wash. there are a few things you can do to keep it looking new for a lot longer.

Using Washing Machine

If you want to use a washing machine, it's best to put your hoodie in a mesh laundry bag first. This will protect it from getting tangled up with other clothes and getting stretched out of shape. Be sure to check the things below before washing your hoodie in a washer. 

Washer Friendly

Washer-friendly means that your hoodie can go through a washing machine's gentle cycle without being damaged. Most importantly, check the care label inside your hoodie for specific instructions on how to wash it. If there is no care label, assume that the hoodie is not washer-friendly and hand washes it instead or you can test it out by putting it in a mesh laundry bag which will keep it separate from other clothes, and placing it on a delicate cycle with cold water. If the hoodie comes out of the wash looking the same as it did going in, then it's washer-friendly.

Turn the Hoodie Inside Out

This will help preserve the color and design of your hoodie. If you don't turn it inside out, the friction from the washer can cause the fabric on the outside to pill, which makes it look old and worn.

Use Cold Water

Hot water can cause the colors in your hoodie to bleed and fade. It can also shrink or damage the fabric. Using cold water helps to prevent shrinkage and fading.

Quality Detergent

Use quality detergent so that your hoodie doesn't come out of the wash smelling like chemicals. You should also avoid using fabric softeners because they can leave a residue on the fabric that attracts dirt and dust. Detergent can also cause your hoodie to fade over time, so be sure to use a color-safe mild detergent if you're concerned about fading.

Using Hand Wash

If your hoodie is not washer-friendly or if you want to extend its life, hand washing is the best way to clean it. Washing a hoodie with hands could take a lot of effort, be sure to follow the steps for hand washing.

Dunk Your Hoodie

Fill a sink or basin with cold water and dunk your hoodie in. Be sure to submerge it completely so that all the dirt and sweat are removed. Let it soak for about 15 minutes before moving on to the next step. After soaking, gently rub the fabric together to loosen any dirt or stains.

Use Mild Soap or Shampoo

Use mild soap or shampoo because they are designed to be gentle on fabric. Avoid using laundry detergent because it can be harsh on the fabric and cause it to fade. If you're concerned about fading, use a color-safe shampoo. Mild soap can be found at most stores in the laundry aisle.

Rinse Properly

Rinsing means removing all the soap from your hoodie with excess water. If you don't rinse it properly, the soap will cause the fabric to become stiff and it can also attract dirt and dust. To rinse, fill the sink or basin with cold water and submerge your hoodie. Gently swish it around until all the soap is removed.

Rinsing is important because it removes the soap or shampoo from the fabric. If you don't rinse properly, your hoodie will be covered in soap residue, which can attract dirt and dust. Be sure to rinse until the water runs clear.

Drying Hoodie

Try to dry the hoodie in sunlight as it will remove all scents and odors. It will rid your hoodie of the smell and will return your hoodie to its original neutral smell.

Air Drying is the best way to dry your hoodie because it helps to preserve the shape and keep it from shrinking. If you must tumble dry, use the low setting and remove the hoodie from the dryer as soon as it's done so that it doesn't wrinkle.

The best way to air dry your hoodie is to hang it on a hanger or clothesline. If you don't have either of these, you can lay it flat surface on a clean towel to dry. Avoid hanging your hoodie on a metal hanger because it can cause the fabric to stretch and warp. If you're in a hurry, you can use a fan.

Avoid Washing Mistakes

To lengthen the life of a hoodie try to avoid the below mistakes

Excess Detergent

Too much detergent can cause the colors in your hoodie to bleed and fade. It can also shrink or damage the fabric. Use the recommended amount of mild detergent and avoid using fabric softener because it can leave a residue on the fabric that attracts dirt and dust.

Water Temperature

Water temperature is very important as it can damage the fabric of your hoodie. Avoid using hot water because it can cause the fibers to shrink an

Fabric Softener

Avoid using Fabric softener as it can leave a residue on the fabric that attracts dirt and dust. It can also cause your hoodie to fade over time, so be sure to use a color-safe detergent if you're concerned about fading.

Over Stuffing

Avoid overstuffing your washing machine as it can cause the fabric to stretch and warp. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for capacity.

Before putting your hoodie in the washer, be sure to check all the pockets for loose change, keys, or other small items that could damage the fabric. Once you've checked the pockets, close them tightly so that they don't open during the wash cycle.

Be sure to follow these steps to hand wash your hoodie and keep it looking its best. Avoid frequent washing in a washing machine, using hand wash is the best way to preserve the fabric and extend its life. With proper care, your hoodie will last for years to come.

Looking For A Hoodie

Now that you know how to properly wash a hoodie, make sure to follow the instructions closely. By doing so, your hoodie will last longer and look better. If you are looking for a hoodie, visit the Briggs hoodie collection to find the perfect hoodie for you. We offer a wide selection of hoodies in a variety of colors, patterns, and fits. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us for help.