Difference Between Patagonia Down Shirt Vs Nano Puff

Written by Briggs Clothiers


Posted on September 14 2022

When you're looking for a warm, lightweight Patagonia jacket to take with you on your next outdoor adventure, it's important to choose the right one. Two of the most popular options are Patagonia's Down Shirt and Patagonia Nano Puff jacket. While both jackets provide excellent insulation and protection from the elements, there are some key differences that can help you decide which one is right for you. Here's a look at what sets these two jackets apart.


From the durability point of view, the Down Shirt still is better than the Nano Puff.

  • The outer surface of the Patagonia Nano Puff is made with 100% recycled polyester ripstop, and the insulation is 60-g PrimaLoft Gold Eco. 1.4-oz 20-denier for the shell and 1.3-oz 22-denier for the lining.
  • The Down Shirt has a shell that’s a blend of nylon and polyester and is treated with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish. The insulation is 800-fill-power goose down. Patagonia Down Shirt is 1.4-oz 20 x 30-denier in shell and 1.4-oz 20-denier inlining.


In terms of windproofing, the Patagonia Down Shirt is better. The Patagonia Nano Puff jacket has a windproof barrier thanks to the ripstop polyester shell, but the Down Shirt takes it a step further with a nylon/polyester blend shell that’s treated with DWR.

Both jackets have adjustable drawcords at the hem and elasticized cuffs to keep out the cold. This helps to further protect you from wind chills by preventing air from entering through the sleeves or hip area.


In terms of water resistance, Nano Puff is better. The Patagonia Nano Puff jacket has a durable water-repellent finish (DWR) that will help to keep you dry in light rain and snow. The seams are not taped, so the jacket is not waterproof.

The Patagonia Down Shirt also has a DWR finish and water-resistant zippers to help keep you dry in light rain and snow. The seams are not taped, so the jacket is not waterproof.

Both jackets are good for water resistance up to a point but not completely. Based on people's experience, the Nano Puff is better compared to the Patagonia Down Shirt when it comes to water resistance.


The insulation properties for Nano Puff jacket are PrimaLoft which makes them different from the Down Shirt. The Patagonia Nano Puff has 60-g PrimaLoft Gold Eco synthetic insulation in the body and 40-g PrimaLoft Gold Eco in the sleeves. The hood and collar are not insulated.

The Patagonia Down Shirt has 800-fill-power goose down insulation in the body and yoke and 600-fill-power synthetic insulation in the sleeves. The hood is not insulated.

The majority will say that goose down is warmer, but it’s also important to keep in mind that synthetic insulation performs better when wet.


Patagonia Down is better in terms of warmth. It has 800-fill-power goose down insulation in the body and yoke and 600-fill-power in the sleeves. The hood is not insulated which can be a downfall if you are caught in cold weather conditions without a beanie or other type of headwear. The Down Shirt has 800-fill-power goose-down insulation that will trap more warmth. The Down Shirt is a better insulator than the Nano Puff, but the Nano Puff will still keep you warm in cold weather conditions.

The down shirt is designed for harsher outdoor activities and colder regions. In the shoulder season, you'll certainly end up sweating in your sweater, but on ski trips and mountain climbs, you'll be really cozy. Even though it is heavier and less portable than Nano Puff coats, the Down Sweater will keep you warm in the bitter cold.


The Patagonia Down Shirt is more comfortable than the Nano Puff. The Down Shirt has a stretchy knit fabric in the cuffs and adjustable hem which makes it more comfortable to wear. The Nano Puff jackets have a polyester shell which is not as stretchy or comfortable.

Environmental Friendly

In terms of environment-friendly, both the Nano Puff and Down sweater jacket are impressive. Both feature a shell made from 100% recycled polyester, so they’re equal in those terms.

Extra Options

Both jackets are available in different colors, pullovers, and hoodies. You can buy the down sweater hoody or Nano puff with or without the hoody according to your preference.

Patagonia Nano Puff Pros

There are two main Pros of Patagonia nano puff.


The nano puff is really light. It weighs approximately 10.6 oz for a size medium men’s jacket which is pretty good considering all the features that it offers.

Easier To Carry

The Patagonia Nano Puff is more packable than the Patagonia Down Sweater jacket. The Nano Puff can be stuffed into its own pocket and has a clip-in loop, so it can be easily attached to a backpack. The Down Shirt does not have a stuffing pocket or clip-in loop and takes up more space when packed.

Patagonia Down Shirt Pros

There are two main Pros of Patagonia down shirts which make them more reliable.


The down shirt has better threading. The Patagonia Down Shirt has rip-stop threading in the shell which makes it more durable. Therefore, if any part of the threading unfold, the remaining threads remain intact.


In terms of quality, the Patagonia down jacket is better. It is because they use real goose down which makes it more reliable and trustworthy than the synthetic PrimaLoft insulation of the Nano Puff. Also, the zippers are water-resistant which makes them less likely to fail and cause leaks.

Which is Better?

Choosing a Patagonia nano puff vs down sweater jacket could be difficult. The Patagonia Nano Puff is better than the Patagonia Down Sweater jacket in terms of weight, packability, and water resistance. The Down Shirt is better in terms of warmth, threading, and comfort. Choose the Patagonia Nano Puff if you want a light and packable jacket that is good for water resistance. Choose the Patagonia Down Sweater jacket if you want a warmer and more comfortable jacket.

Looking For New Jackets

So, which is the best Patagonia jacket for you? Both Patagonia Down Shirt and Nano Puff jackets are excellent products from a responsible, reputable brand that is excellent for outdoor types you can rely on. Whichever warm jacket you choose, make sure to take into account your individual needs like cold conditions or dry weather, and preferences to find the perfect piece of outdoor gear for your next adventure. If your outdoor gear is lacking inventory then simply try the Briggs Clothiers ultralight outdoor Patagonia jackets, it’d certainly benefit you to pick up a new top-quality jacket.