How to Plan For Your Signature Look

Written by Briggs Clothiers


Posted on February 16 2022

Are you looking to elevate yourself in the workplace? Maybe you want to become more memorable to people you meet? A signature look is a perfect way to make this statement.

A signature look is how people perceive your style. Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Elton John, Johnny Depp, Michael Jackson, and more are easily discernible due to their signature looks.

However, there is no need to don one glove or a meat dress to create a signature look. Here are five steps to creating the perfect signature look that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Why a Signature Look Is Important

Two cognitive psychologists coined the phenomenon known as enclothed cognition to explain the power of clothes. Essentially, this term defines how wearing clothing that makes you feel good results in better performance on tasks.

The confidence you likely feel when you are wearing clothes that enhance your appearance greatly benefits how you interact with others, thus making you memorable. Nice clothes can improve everything from your work to your love life.

5 Steps to Creating a Signature Look

1.    Define Your Style

To define your style, you should consider how you want others to perceive you. You should also consider when you feel most confident. Are you looking for a unique and quirky or elegant and refined style?

By deciding on personal style goals, you can home in on what clothes best fit the idea of your personalized look. If you’re unsure how to begin defining your style, you can always take a free online quiz that gives you an idea of how you usually dress.

Remember that you can change your current style by creating new style goals. Maybe you tend to dress casually but want to spruce up your everyday outfit. Perhaps you’re looking to add quirky accents to your otherwise blasé outfits.

2.    Find Inspiration

After defining your style, look to Google for extra inspiration. Think about celebrities whose style you admire and look them up. Simply search for adjectives and ‘fashion’ to find results that reflect your fashion goals (for example, quirky male fashion).

You can also use websites like Pinterest or Canva to create a ‘mood board’ for your signature look. Mood boards should include a color scheme, outfit pieces, celebrities that you want to model, outfit essentials, accessories, and more.

3.    Pick a Signature Element for Every Outfit

Each outfit should have a defining element that you include every day. You can choose a particular pattern or color scheme that you want every outfit to include.

Perhaps you would like to collect accessories such as watches or socks. Choose unique designs that make you easily recognizable and bring something special to every outfit.

When you pick a suit or other clothing item, make sure you choose fabrics that suit your luxurious, eccentric, or other fashion goals. Fabrics that look cheap dampen the overall perception people may have of your outfit.

4.    Look for Clothes that Fit

The best way to build confidence and create an attractive signature look is to find clothes that are suitable for your body. Ditch clothing that used to fit or consider getting a new suit.

Celebrities like George Clooney have chosen suits as their signature look because they signify elegance and demand respect. It’s no wonder People magazine named him one of the sexiest men alive.

Getting a custom-fitted suit is great. But, getting a suit that flatters your body is the most important.

5.    Adapt Your Wardrobe and Save Money

When creating your signature look, don’t throw out your entire wardrobe. Instead, use the suit in your wardrobe to change up how you look. This will create a different style of clothing but still work with what you have instead of having to re-buy everything again.

You can save money when buying staple pieces such as undergarments or plain t-shirts. These are pieces that you will need to have, but they don’t have to be extravagant.


In Need of a Personal Stylist?

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