5 Things Need to Ask When Buying a Suit

Written by Briggs Clothiers


Posted on June 28 2022

Many of us don’t wear suits every day. When wearing a suit, we want to look our best and stand out in the crowd. There is no better way to do that than in a suit tailored to fit.

Having a suit made is a significant investment, and there are questions you need to ask when buying a suit. If you are ready for a custom-made suit, contact Briggs Clothiers today.

The Benefits of Custom Suits Made to Fit You

You’ve worn enough suits to know what works for you. Everyone’s worn something a bit too small in one area, too loose in another, or just plain awkward fitting.

A suit tailored to your unique build will bring you complete comfort and confidence. It will bring you enjoyment from your color, style, and design choices. You will enjoy knowing that it will outlast anything you’ve owned before.

Ask the Right Questions

Develop a relationship with your tailor to get the right feel, fit, and enjoyment. When creating a custom suit, there is no time to be hesitant about your concerns. There are questions you need to ask when buying a suit to ensure you get that perfect well-tailored suit.

1. What Will Fit Me Best?

No two bodies are the same, and no two people will look the same in the same suit. An experienced tailor will understand your body type and steer you toward something that will flatter and enhance your figure. Once you know what style works for you, you can move on to trends and occasions.

2. What Are the Latest Trends for Different Occasions?

When selecting a suit, it is essential to consider occasions and trends. Not every trend or style will work for every body type. Not every design, color, or fabric will fit every occasion.

Understanding the occasion can be crucial to understanding fabric and form. Something for spring holidays may need to use lighter materials and can do with a pop of color, like Pelago Half Canvas Blue Plaid Blazer. On the other hand, a two-piece suit for essential business affairs may need to stand out less and have a more durable material for frequent wearing.

Heed the advice of your tailor, who understands what trends are likely to last and which ones will be gone next season.

3. What Fabric or Make Should I Go With?

Suit quality comes down to the fitting, fabric, and make. A suit fitting you perfectly isn’t enough if the materials will not last. There are three standard ways to put a suit together:

  • Fused
  • Half-canvas
  • Full-canvas

Fused suits use a thin synthetic material for the lining. This lining is heat pressed and glued.

Fusing provides little support and breathing room, meaning it hangs on your body and holds in heat. Fused materials will likely loosen, bubble, and come undone after several wears and cleanings.

Half-canvas, like the Soft Shoulder Pine Grey Sport Jacket, and full canvas linings are structurally better fitting and likely to last longer.

4. What Will It Cost?

An experienced tailor will not hesitate to discuss material costs. The overall cost of a tailored suit includes fabric, design, and tailoring techniques. While the prices of bespoke suits can vary greatly, even for similar styles or materials, a good tailor should be able to give you a good idea of the cost before making the suit.

Knowing your price also means understanding what you want to spend and how long you want the suit to last. It is worth paying a little more for a quality suit that will work for more than one occasion.

5. Can You Start from Scratch?

Your tailor should not require you to bring a prior suit. If you are ready to have a suit made to fit you, the odds are that previous rack suits didn’t fit just right or suit the formal event.

In addition, you may not fit your suit the same as you did when you last wore it. The best way to get a suit that fits you is to take new and precise measurements each time.

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