10 Ideas For Christmas Presents

Written by Briggs Clothiers


Posted on December 17 2021

While Christmas is one of the best times of the year, it can also be stressful. There is an expectation that you must buy gifts for your relatives and friends.

Finding the perfect gift for each person may seem impossible. This holiday season, avoid gifting everyone the same gift card. Find more personable presents by looking through our lists.

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We offer products from the top global brands, such as Patagonia, 34 Heritage, and many others.

Here are ten of the best items you can buy for your loved ones to end their 2021 with a bang:

Gift Ideas for Her

Are you shopping for a significant other, mother, or daughter? Here are some of our recommendations to wow the ladies in your life:

1. Jewelry

A holiday favorite, jewelry is one of the best gifts to give a special lady in your life. While taste in jewelry is subjective, you cannot go wrong by engraving someone’s initials on the piece of jewelry you select. Engrave the initials of someone special in her life, and this gift will have a deep meaning for her.

2. Cozy Slippers

The holiday season is the time to get cozy and stay inside. With these slide-on slippers, you can keep your feet warm and move comfortably around your house. Plus, they come in a variety of shapes and styles.

3. Pajamas

Similarly, another item that is sure to keep your special lady comfortable in the winter is pajamas. Whether it is sexy pajamas for your significant other or comfy loungewear for your mother or daughter, pajamas are a thoughtful and welcome present.

4. Boots

During the winter, every woman needs a stylish pair of boots. Many online retailers cater to women’s footwear, making it easy to find the perfect pair for your loved one. If it is within your budget range, check out these Stuart Weitzman Reserve Boots.

Gift Ideas for Him

Men can be tricky to shop for. Here are four failproof ideas that will always put a smile on his face:

5. Luggage Set

If the man you are shopping for travels a lot for work, you cannot go wrong buying him a carry-on bag or suitcase. Luggage sets are a popular Christmas present for men of all ages each year. The recipient of this gift will know he is loved and will be traveling in style.

6. Sweaters

Wintertime is sweater season. Every guy looks presentable in a sweater. Whether it is a luxury sweater to wear on date nights or one to lounge around the house in, sweaters are a timeless gift to get for a guy on Christmas. We are sure you can find a stylish sweater for your guy by browsing our selection.

7. Shades

You may think this suggestion is a typo. However, sunglasses in the winter are underrated. Shades are a thoughtful gift for anyone who lives in a snowy area. Sunlight reflects off snow and ice, causing a glare that can be distracting. With polarized shades, your loved one will remain stylish in the snow.

8. Theragun Prime

If the guy you are buying a present for is a gym rat, he will love the Theragun Prime. This device helps ease your discomfort post-workout and helps you maintain your range of motion. Your guy will recover from his workouts with lightning speed once he gets a hold of the Theragun.

Gift Ideas for Your Home

It is always fun to spoil yourself on Christmas. Here are a couple of gifts that will make your life easier in 2022.

9. VITAMIX Blender

Perhaps one of your New Year’s resolutions is to eat healthier. With the VITAMIX Blender, you can craft juicy protein shakes or tasty fruit smoothies that make eating healthy fun. These blenders can also crush ice, making them ideal for mixed drinks.

10. Wool and Cashmere Shampoo

Here is a product you may not know existed until now. When someone gives you a cashmere or wool sweater, they will often tell you not to wash it. With this unique shampoo, you can erase stains from these materials easily. Get it for less than $20!


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