I first went to Briggs when I was 16 years old. Mr. Briggs measured me for my first (and only!) tuxedo for prom. Little did I know that ten years later I would be marrying his daughter in a pair of blue jeans and cowboy boots.

I began working at the store in 2014 and immediately grew fond of what my father-in-law had tirelessly been committed to for so long: a place for men built upon listening and helping them get ready for wherever life was taking them. As I grew in knowledge and experience in dress clothing underneath Mr. Briggs, I began to see a large need for higher quality clothing for men of all lifestyles and ages. Little did I know that my father-in-law’s dedication and mission was now becoming mine.

This began the birth of something new for our store & for myself.

You see, sometimes life takes us to places we never would have imagined. Those places can be really high and then other times they may be really low. Just like you, I’ve had my share of both. It’s always upon reflection I catch myself wondering about the time spent in between—the everyday? The Now.

During the time when the men’s clothing industry became more casual, Briggs was the store for those peak & valley moments in life. But fast forward to today at Briggs and you will see clothing for every season of life. For example, the number one selling pant in the store is a denim in our premium collection from 34 Heritage. Our top selling “dress shirts” are from Mizzen & Main which have absolutely no cotton in it.

Needless to say, the times and the clothes have changed.

And so has Briggs.

We will never lose sight of who we once were as a men’s store. We will always carry the best of men’s dress clothing. But as we develop and grow as a business, what’s important is that we stay true to our foundation, and that foundation is not clothing… it’s you! So on behalf of my wife and me (and the previous generations that went before us), our family invites you to come to Briggs where we are helping men look their best so they can live their best life now.

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